African American Baby Boomers, What Does The Future Hold

All my life I’ve heard and read about the power, clout and influence that the “baby boomer” generation has had on the culture and direction of American lifestyle and media. I bought into that for the most part but looking back I can see that this was not necessarily the case for a large portion of baby boomers. I’m talking about the African American baby boomer.

I mean this generation was supposedly to have lived the most charmed life and enjoyed the greatest perks of any group in American history. While I will admit that my generation had it much easier than my parents and grandparents Black baby boomers haven’t exactly had it made. What’s worse is that now that we are entering what should be the “golden” years things for a lot of us are bad and may get worse.

I know, I know. This economy has had an adverse effect on all of us but having historically been the “last hired/first fired” simply because of our race usually meant that it took us longer to gain any real economic security or job tenure in the first place.

Many of us have lost our jobs and had to dip into whatever saving we may have had. Okay, we’re used to having to start over from scratch but let’s be honest, we’re not as young as we used to be. We don’t have years to work ourselves up from the bottom.

Sure going back to school is an option but then when we graduate we’re competing with thousands of younger graduates that’ll be more than happy to take a salary less than what we would expect. Besides, although it’s supposed to be illegal I KNOW that age discrimination exist when it comes to hiring. I’ve actually had an interviewer tell me “You’re not as young as most applicants I have for this position”. Never mind that he could clearly see on my resume that I had done that kind of work for over 10 years at some of America’s top companies. Of couse I didn’t get the job.

I don’t intend to make this blog a place for me to rant. Neither do I intend to make it strictly about baby boomer “stuff”. But I do hope to share how this one African American baby boomer see’s things.

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