Baby Boomers and Facebook

About a year ago I joined Facebook and quickly “friended” people that I knew that were already onboard and sent invites to several who weren’t.

Of coarse at the time most of the people that I knew, no ALL of the people that I knew that were already on FB were under 40. Although they all added me to their list of friends I got plenty of smart comments lilke “What’s your old ass doing on Facebook?”

The other group, the ones that I had sent invites to were REAL friends and associates and mostly around the same age as myself. Their comments? “What’s a Facebook?”

Well here we are a year later and you’d have had to have been on the moon to not know what Facebook is and according to recent surveys Baby Boomers are a huge reason that the Social Networking site has become second only to Google in internet usage.

During one 4 month period last year more than 1.3 million women and about 800,000 men between the ages of 45 and 60 signed up. There are over 25 million baby boomers now on Facebook and they are joining at a rate second only to 18 -25 year old men.

Baby Boomers are also more than 4 times as likely to use Facebook to stay connected to their business network and use Facebook Business pages and groups.

So although as with most technology we are late adapters once we do decide to come on board we comein droves!

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